Regenerative, functional and aesthetic gynaecology unit


Regenerative and aesthetic gynaecology is a new gynaecological sub-speciality, in which a range of medical and surgical treatments are used to restore the physical appearance and function of the vagina, vulvar region and pelvic floor.

The passage of time, pregnancy and childbirth, the menopause, treatment of some cancerous processes and intensive participation in sports are some of the most common causes of physical and functional changes in these areas.

It is important to look after them, as some of these changes can lead to problems that reduce our quality of life, like urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness or laxity, and sexual dysfunctions such as painful coitus.

Regenerative, functional and aesthetic gynaecology unit


To resolve these problems, there are various innovative treatments that encourage the repair and regeneration of the tissues and can help to improve the muscle tone, sensitivity, appearance and function of the genital region. These treatments can also be used to improve painful scarring as a result of an episiotomy or caesarean, or simply for aesthetic reasons, to improve the physical appearance of these intimate areas.

When are they recommended

  • Patients who have recently given birth and notice that sexual intercourse is less pleasurable than before, due to pain, scarring or a larger vagina.
  • Young patients who leak urine when sneezing, coughing, playing sports or running.
  • Women who notice vaginal dryness or pain during sexual intercourse due to a lack of lubrication, whether after giving birth, due to contraceptives, due to past illnesses or as a consequence of treatments, or due to age.
  • Women who leak small or moderate amounts of urine.