First impact program on the patient diagnosed with cancer

Welcoming the person newly diagnosed and her family, to favour the adaptation to the disease

No one is prepared to receive a cancer diagnosis. However, many cases are detected every day.

When it comes to women, breast cancer is the most frequent one -according to statistics, 1 in 8 women might suffer from this disease-, and although many patients feel strong to face it, it is not always easy.

There are moments of hope, moments of doubt, and you go through many ups and downs. Many patients do not know how to communicate it to their families, especially their children and parents. Others are concerned about how the news, the treatment and the temporary stoppage will affect their lives at many different levels (personally, physically, professionally and socially).

For this reason, it is essential to have psychological support.

First impact program on the patient diagnosed with cancer

What is about

The Dexeus Mujer Foundation began in February 2012 the program “First Impact” which consists in welcoming the person newly diagnosed and her family, in order to promote the adaptation to the disease.

In this program, the Dexeus Mujer Foundation provides funding for a psycho-oncologist to perform the first care to the patient after communicating the diagnosis, to identify the medical, emotional or social necessities of the patient and her family. Once identified the level of emotional involvement, the psycho-oncologist, when appropriate, sends the patient to a professional service that covers her needs and her family’s.

During all visits the level of emotional distress is assessed, as well as the affected areas of the patients.


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