"Being a Woman. Today" exhibition

An exhibition which addresses women's health in the broadest sense: an overview of the changes that occur over the course of women's lives which provides a contemporary vision of the social position of women and explains how scientific and medical innovations have helped women take on new personal challenges and social roles.

  • The stages in a woman's life
  • The social map
  • A space for testimony
  • Modern, high-quality staging
"Being a Woman. Today" exhibition - Dexeus Mujer

Knowing your physiology is the first step to gaining a better understanding of yourself. To look after yourself. To make decisions.

Careful, modern and high-quality staging thanks to the use of innovative multimedia exhibition resources.

"Being a Woman. Today" venues:

  • Conde Duque, Madrid. From 8 March to 9 September 2012.
  • Refugi 2 del Port, Tarragona. From 25 October to 13 January 2013.
  • Museu Marítim, Barcelona. From 8 March to 01 September 2013.