If you are undergoing a fertility treatment and you have frozen embryos, surely you would like to be able to watch through a peephole how they are being “looked after” in the laboratory.Your embryos are the result of a lot of work and effort, not to mention all the hopes and expectations that you place in them. If you want to know more, in this post we tell you some interesting facts about frozen embryos.

In the current outbreak epidemic’s situation, aggravated by the emergence of different variants in the transmission of COVID-19, we have to restrict access and reinforce prevention measures to maintain the health and safety of both our patients and our staff.

Want to be a mother and enjoy the experience of pregnancy? With egg donation, you can. Our pioneering assisted reproduction clinic guarantees great results with the most stringent donor screening programme in the country.

Hospital Universitari Dexeus has earned Joint Commission International’s gold seal, the world’s highest quality accreditation in the healthcare field, which ensures that all hospital services and processes are focused on safety and quality as part of an ongoing improvement process.