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Some women suffer from what is known as early menopause: the disappearance of menstruation and ovarian function before the age of 40, which results in the early loss of reproductive capacity among other things.

Recognise the symptoms

The average age of menopause is between 48 and 54 years, but some women go through changes before the age of 40. We call this premature disorder early menopause and it involves a significant drop in oestrogen levels and a loss of natural protection against diseases affecting other ages.

The first signs are irregular periods and difficulty getting pregnant, as well as typical menopause symptoms:

  • hot flushes
  • headaches
  • vertigo
  • anxiety
  • tingling and numbness of the extremities
  • decreased libido
  • insomnia
  • mood swings
  • etc.

The treatment for menopause is primarily hormonal and you will still have a good quality of life. If you have any of these symptoms and are concerned, don't delay in making an appointment. We will be delighted to advise and help you.

Why choose us

Trust in the expertise of a specialised women's health clinic with more than 80 years of experience to answer your questions and look after you. In addition:

Specialized Menopause Unit

A specialized Menopause Unit, which serves more than 6,000 women a year, with expert professionals who will evaluate your case and offer you the best advice.

Own medical protocols for the treatment of infertility

Our Reproductive Medicine Unit has its own medical protocols for the treatment of infertility associated with early menopause.

Latest diagnostic imaging technology

Our facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging technology: digital mammography, gynecological ultrasound, etc.

Integrated circuit

Our facilities allow us to meet all your safety requirements and to provide an integrated circuit in which diagnoses, treatments, consultations and interventions are centralised.

First-rate hospital setting with a 24-hour emergency department

You will be in the best hands, in a first-rate hospital setting with a 24-hour emergency department.

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