Editorial board of Dexeus Mujer website

  • Management

    Editorial board - Andrea Barri

    Andrea Barri

    Marketing Department Director

  • Content planning and management

    Editorial board - Carol Poblete

    Carol Poblete

    Patient Experience Manager

  • Content editing, creation and management

    Editorial board - Carmen Pérez

    Carmen Pérez

    Communications Manager

  • Digital marketing management and strategy

    Editorial board - Nadia Álvarez

    Nadia Álvarez

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Web design, layout and development

    Editorial board - Daniel Gámiz

    Daniel Gámiz

    Web Developer


    Social media management and strategy

  • Editorial board - Lara Castro

    Lara Castro

    Social Media Manager

  • Editorial board - Estela del Alba Peláez

    Estela del Alba Peláez

    Social Media & Marketing


Medical members

  • Editorial board - Dra. Alicia Úbeda

    Dra. Alicia Úbeda

    Gynaecology Service Consultant

  • Editorial board - Dr. Bernat Serra

    Dr. Bernat Serra

    Obstetrics Department Consultant

  • Editorial board - Dr. Buenaventura Coroleu

    Dr. Buenaventura Coroleu

    Reproductive Medicine Department Consultant

  • Editorial board - Dra. Mª Angela Pascual

    Dra. Mª Angela Pascual

    Consultant and Director of R&D+i of the Gynaecological Diagnostic Imaging Service