We help you to assess the risks and choose the best solution

It is designed for anybody who wants to discover or rule out whether they have or could develop a genetic disorder or hereditary disease and pass it on to their offspring.

At the visit, we study your medical and family history to assess the potential risks and inform you about all the available diagnostic tests and reproductive medicine options currently available in each case so that you and your partner can make the best health and family planning decisions for you.

Who is it for

Although anyone can request genetic counselling, there are situations where the visit is especially recommended:

  • If you or your partner have a personal or family history of hereditary diseases or cancer.
  • If there is a consanguineous relationship between you and your partner.
  • If you have an adverse reproductive history (recurrent miscarriage or history of foetal genetic abnormalities in previous pregnancies) or a previous child with a birth defect.
  • If you suspect that you or your partner may have a fertility problem with a genetic cause.
  • If you are pregnant and want to know in advance whether your child has a genetic alteration or if tests indicate the existence of a foetal genetic problem.

For each situation, we offer specific tests for diagnosis, preventive advice and options so that you can decide and choose the best solution.

Why choose us

Ours is a multi-disciplinary, highly specialised medical team

Ours is a multi-disciplinary, highly specialised medical team, with extensive experience in gynaecological health, fertility, pregnancy and assisted reproduction.

Pioneers in prenatal diagnostic techniques

We are pioneers in prenatal diagnostic techniques, a reference centre in high-risk pregnancies and one of the few private centres with neonatal ICU.

Tailored care and monitoring in an integrated circuit

Tailored care and monitoring in an integrated circuit: we accompany you throughout the process and integrate all the services you may need (counselling, diagnostic tests, analysis and assessment) in a single clinic, located in a first-rate hospital setting.

Committee of experts

We have a committee of experts that meets weekly to assess each case individually and establish the guidelines to follow.


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