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Molecular prenatal diagnosis (Array CGH)

What is it

Array CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation) or prenatal molecular karyotyping is a latest generation genetic diagnosis technique used to diagnose chromosomal anomalies with a superior resolution to conventional techniques (conventional cytogenetic analysis that studies the structure, function and behaviour of chromosomes).

This test is a tool for studying the human genome quickly and accurately to detect DNA alterations, including microdeletions and duplications.

The stages of the technique are:

  • A sample of the placenta or amniotic fluid is obtained by chorionic villus sampling.
  • We study the sample with thousands of probes that analyse the number of copies of small DNA fragments and compare them to a reference sample.


Because this technique does not require cell culture, we can have the test results back within 7 days so the waiting time is reduced.

Molecular prenatal diagnosis (Array CGH) - What is it?

Who is it for

Your gynaecologist must indicate the Array CGH test for you. They usually recommend it if:

  • You have a family history of chromosomal abnormalities
  • You have a family history with an increased risk of developing abnormalities
  • You have suffered from recurrent miscarriage
  • An abnormality was detected on your ultrasounds
  • Alterations were detected in your biochemical screening

If you have any questions, ask your gynaecologist or the clinical geneticist at our clinic.

Molecular prenatal diagnosis (Array CGH) - Who is it for?

Why choose us

Unit specialised in preconceptional genetic counselling

We are the first clinic in Spain with a unit specialised in preconceptional genetic counselling to detect if prospective parents are carriers of any gene mutations that cause recessive diseases.

Team of geneticists

Our dedicated team of geneticists provides counselling in pregnancies that require more comprehensive genetic follow-up.

The best advice depending on your test results

Our team of geneticists will give you all the information you need about genetic diseases as well as the best advice depending on your test results que se obtengan en el test.

Committee of experts

We have a committee of experts that meets weekly to assess each case individually and establish the guidelines to follow.

Prenatal diagnostics - Centre of expertise in high-risk pregnancies - Neonatal ICU

We are pioneers in prenatal diagnostics and a centre of expertise in high-risk pregnancies, as well as one of the few private clinics with a neonatal ICU, that allows us to manage potential complications.

Forefront of technology in genomic medicine

We are at the forefront of technology in genomic medicine, and we are one of the first private gynaecological centres in incorporating a Unit of Medical Genetics.

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