Take care of your health

No matter how old you are, with adequate gynaecological control you can take care of your health and save yourself a lot of problems in the future.

At Dexeus Mujer, we put our experience at your service and coordinate visits and tests to be done on the same day to save you time and trips.

Our patients appreciate us

At Dexeus Mujer, we listen to our patients because your opinions help us to improve and continue to give you the quality service we've been offering for over 80 years.

What do they highlight?

  • The professionalism of our medical team.
  • The quality of care received.
  • The high standards of our test circuit.
Overall rating that our patients have awarded to the gynaecological check-up at our clinic

This is the overall rating that our patients have awarded to the gynaecological check-up at our clinic.

Why choose us

More than 80 years of experience

Our clinic is a national centre of excellence with over 80 years of experience. We are pioneers in prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the field of women's health.

Appointments and tests scheduled on the same day

We arrange visits and tests on the same day to cut down on travel and save time for our patients.

Our own medical protocols

Our own medical protocols ensure a quick response to the detection of any condition and the performance of a personalised assessment and diagnosis by an expert committee.

Gynaecological Diagnostics Unit

We have a Gynaecological Diagnostics Unit with specialists who work exclusively in image diagnosis.

We work the most advanced technology available

We work the most advanced technology available, such as the latest low-radiation digital breast scanners.

Gynaecological examinations for <strong>over 50,000 women every year

We carry out gynaecological examinations for over 50,000 women every year.