Medical Genetics Unit

The progress made in medicine in recent years is due largely to new knowledge about the human genome. This has prompted the development of personalised medicine, which allows us to determine our predisposition for developing or transmitting hereditary diseases, improving their prevention and treatment, and contributing to the development of future therapies.

This is why Dexeus Mujer has its own Medical Genetics Unit to provide personalised advice and ensure the best results in risk assessments, diagnostic tests, the prevention and detection of genetic abnormalities, both to protect your own health and to ensure that you have a healthy baby, if you are planning to have a child.

Medical Genetics Unit

What is the purpose

  • We identify the chances of developing a hereditary disease or certain types of hereditary cancer.
  • We predict the risk that you or your partner could transmit a genetic disease to your children and the likelihood that they could inherit or develop it.
  • We detect in advance whether your baby will suffer from a disease caused by a genetic abnormality.
  • We perform all available genetic tests to obtain a diagnosis.
  • We offer genetic counselling so that you and your partner can make decisions on health and family planning issues based on information about the risk and your genetic condition.

Services we offer

Genetic counselling

Allows us to determine – or rule out – whether you are a carrier of a genetic abnormality or if you can develop an inherited disease and pass it on to your offspring.
If you were diagnosed with a prior genetic abnormality with another child or pregnancy and you want to stop it from happening again.
If you have done a fertility test and want an expert to help you to interpret and evaluate the results.

Cancer prevention and counselling

If you have a family history of cancer and want to know if you are carrying any of the genes that can encourage its development and what options are available for preventing this disease.

If you want to get pregnant

Our genetic test will identify the presence of genes that can cause up to 200 hereditary diseases.

If you are already pregnant

Our range of prenatal tests allow you to rule out chromosomal abnormalities before your baby is born.
Non-invasive test using a blood sample from the mother.

Genetic diagnoses using a sample obtained from amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.

Why choose us

Ours is a multi-disciplinary, highly specialised medical team

Ours is a multi-disciplinary, highly specialised medical team, with extensive experience in gynaecological health, fertility, pregnancy and assisted reproduction.

Pioneers in prenatal diagnostic techniques

We are pioneers in prenatal diagnostic techniques, a reference centre in high-risk pregnancies and one of the few private centres with neonatal ICU.

Committee of experts

We have a committee of experts that meets weekly to assess each case individually and establish the guidelines to follow.

Tailored care and monitoring in an integrated circuit

Tailored care and monitoring in an integrated circuit: we accompany you throughout the process and integrate all the services you may need (counselling, diagnostic tests, analysis and assessment) in a single clinic, located in a first-rate hospital setting.