An analysis to assess semen quality

What is it

A semen analysis, also called seminogram, is a basic study of a semen sample to help determine the potential fertility of the male.

When is it advised

In general, it is recommended to couples who have been having unprotected sex for 12 months and not yet become pregnant.
This test can help detect infertility problems of male origin, which affect approximately 40% of couples who cannot conceive.

It may also be indicated in other exceptional situations, such as after trauma to the genital area or testicular torsion, infection of the seminal tract (epididymo-orchitis) or genital surgery (such as unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism), or systemic treatment that can compromise fertility, including the use of anabolic agents or radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What does it detect

A semen analysis can detect certain abnormalities that can lead to infertility, such as a very low sperm count, sperm mobility problems or morphological abnormalities, or the presence of red blood cells or white blood cells (defence cells) in semen, which could indicate the presence of an infection.

Why is it useful?

The test is very useful in determining different therapeutic actions and whether or not additional specific genetic studies are advisable.
It also allows us to assess the need for artificial insemination or other options if an assisted reproduction technique is needed.

What to consider before the test

For valid test results, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Abstain from sexual relations for 3 to 6 days before testing.
  2. You must not have had a febrile illness in the previous month.
  3. The sample is obtained by masturbation and it is important to collect all of the ejaculate.
  4. A sterile container with a wide mouth should be used to collect the semen (do not use a condom).
  5. The sample must be delivered to the laboratories within one hour of its collection.

Why choose us

Semen analysis - Own laboratory

Own laboratory. We have our own Andrology laboratory equipped with an automated system, ensuring a highly accurate analysis.

Semen analysis - Speed

Speed. We provide results within 2 hours.

Semen analysis - Professionalism

Professionalism. We offer a team of specialised biologists and doctors experienced in andrology.

Semen analysis - Comprehensive tests

Comprehensive tests. Our tests can be used to determine sperm concentration, mobility, vitality and morphology, and the presence of white blood cells in the semen sample. If indicated, we also test the biochemical characteristics of sperm in seminal plasma.

Semen analysis - Quality assurance

Quality assurance. Our laboratory meets the highest quality standards as it is ISO 9001 and UNE certified, the latter being an accreditation that few centres are awarded.


Luis, aged 44, Zaragoza

"My wife and I never thought that we would have trouble getting pregnant and, because she’s a journalist and has complicated working hours, we kept putting it off. When we finally decided, we tried for over 10 months... and nothing. So we went to see a doctor. I thought the process would be long and complex, but in the first semen analysis they found that I had a sperm motility problem. So we decided to use ICSI (intracytoplasmic injection) and it happened on the first try! We got lucky but the best decision was definitely to go and have the check-up."

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