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We make all of the information you need available to you: how to reach our facilities; where to go in the event of emergency; how to arrange a visit without an appointment; or how to request information by phone, mail or Internet.

International services

In each field of specialisation (whether doctor’s visits or the carrying out of tests) we have doctors who speak foreign languages such as English, French, Italian and German. They will thus tend to patients in their mother tongue if so requested. We also have an International Department to enable our foreign patients to contact us should they need assistance. They are given personalised advice about their medical history. The service, which is open 13 hours on working days and 4 hours on week-ends and holidays, offers patients advice over the telephone, mail or in person.

Who belongs to the International Department?

The International Department is made up of a group of translators and psychologists who are able to give paramedical advice in English, French, Italian, German, Russian and Arab.

How can I get an appointment with an English speaking Doctor?

In order to make an appointment with a doctor who speaks your language, you can contact the International Department and from there you will be given an appointment according to your language and needs. If a particular doctor has been recommended to you, do not hesitate to say so.


Phone: +34 93 227 48 96
Email: international@dexeus.com
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Our International Team

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Department Coordinator

  • International Department - Hanae Souassi

    Hanae Souassi


Contact centre

  • International Department - Sonia Lorieri

    Sonia Lorieri

  • International Department - Marta Ros

    Marta Ros


Patient care service

International 1

  • International Department - Montserrat Castellà

    Montserrat Castellà

  • International Department - Florence Cogné

    Florence Cogné

  • International Department - Yolanda de Sousa

    Yolanda de Sousa

  • International Department - Antonela Taormina

    Antonela Taormina


International 2

  • International Department - Alessandro Dellaglio

    Alessandro Dellaglio

  • International Department - Mariliana D'Errico

    Mariliana D'Errico

  • International Department - Mirko Ornielli

    Mirko Ornielli

  • International Department - Samar Lopez

    Samar Lopez

  • International Department - Chiara Pagnan

    Chiara Pagnan