The uterus and its main problems

Fibroids and polyps are the two most common problems affecting the uterus. Many women do not know that they have any of these issues because they often confuse their symptoms with what they think is normal menstruation. Observe your body and get in touch with us if something is worrying you.

One of the main consequences of fibroids are problems getting pregnant. Watch this video explaining how fibroids affect fertility.

What are they and what are their symptoms?

In general, the most obvious signs are very heavy or painful periods that prevent you from carrying out your normal routine. These menstrual changes may indicate the presence of fibroids (or growth of the muscle fibres that form the uterus lining) or endometrial polyps (localised growth of the endometrium).

So it is important to see your gynaecologist if:

  • You bleed between periods.
  • You have heavy periods with clotting.
  • You have painful periods that last longer than normal.
  • You need to urinate more frequently.
  • You feel cramping in your pelvis.
  • You feel pressure in your lower abdomen.
  • Sexual intercourse is painful.

What's the solution?

Depending on your symptoms and whether you want to have children, there are different treatments for these problems, which can be medical, surgical, pharmacological, etc.

At Dexeus Mujer, we will advise you and help you find the best solution for you. Make an appointment with one of our gynaecologists to make sure you get an expert opinion.

Why choose us

Our clinic is a national centre of excellence with over 80 years of experience. We are pioneers in prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the field of women's health. In addition:

Latest diagnostic imaging technology and team of radiologists specialises

Our facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging technology. Our team of radiologists specialises in the diagnosis of fibroids and polyps.

A team of surgeons who perform more than 1,500 gynecological surgeries each year

A team of surgeons who perform more than 1,500 gynecological surgeries each year.

Committee of Experts

Our Committee of Experts meets weekly to assess each case in a personalised manner and establish appropriate guidelines.

Own medical protocols

Our own medical protocols allow us to provide a speedy response when a disorder is identified.

Integrated circuit

Our facilities allow us to meet all your safety requirements and to provide an integrated circuit in which diagnoses, treatments, consultations and interventions are centralised.

First-rate hospital setting with a 24-hour emergency department

You will be in the best hands, in a first-rate hospital setting with a 24-hour emergency department.

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