Look after your health and improve your sex life

Sexual health is essential for sexual enjoyment and to improve our mood and physical well-being. This is why, besides taking appropriate protective measures, it is important to have an annual andrological check-up to take care of your health in this area and rule out infections or other dysfunctions.

Why have a check-up

  • To monitor and reinforce your sexual health on a regular basis.
  • To ensure the early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections which, in more than 60% of cases, are asymptomatic and may therefore go unnoticed.
  • It is useful for preventing, detecting and treating fertility problems.
  • It will help you to find answers to your questions and improve your sex life.

Who is it for

Although anybody can request andrological counselling, it is particularly recommended in these cases:

  • For a general check-up at the start of sexual relations, or at the age of 21.
  • If you have had unsafe sexual relations or suspect that you may have caught a sexually transmitted infection..
  • To detect or rule out a male fertility problem.
  • From the age of 45-50 years, when the early symptoms of prostate disorders and erectile dysfunction can appear.
  • If you have sexual problems, either due to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • If you would like more information on issues related to male sexuality.

Why choose us

Medical team with extensive experience: fertilidad, sexualidad e infecciones de transmisión sexual

Medical team with extensive experience in all areas of male sexual health: fertility, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections.

Possibility of online consultation

Possibility of online consultation.

Own andrological laboratory equipped with the latest technology - 24-hour emergency service

Own andrological laboratory equipped with the latest technology located in a first-rate hospital setting with a 24-hour emergency service.

Private and confidential setting

Private and confidential setting.


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