Put an end to premature ejaculation and fully enjoy sex

What is it

Premature ejaculation is a disorder characterised by the inability to voluntarily control the ejaculatory reflex. It is a common problem affecting men of all ages and generally has an easy solution with psychological support and treatment.

What is the cause

We cannot always determine the cause, but usually (in 90% of cases) the origin is psychological and associated with anxiety or stress.

Other possible causes are:

  1. Genetic predisposition (2-5% of cases).
  2. Genitourinary tract infection or other diseases or sexual dysfunctions.
  3. Toxic habits (alcohol, drugs, smoking).
  4. The use of certain medications.

How can it be solved

Combination therapy, which includes psychological and medical treatment, gives the best results.

It includes:

  • Medical visit to assess your medical history, habits and lifestyle.
  • Physical examination and other diagnostic tests (if an undetected disease is suspected).

Generally, if the cause of the problem is not organic, the treatment is limited to psychosexual counselling, which may include practice exercises to learn to control the moment of ejaculation.
It is also possible that the doctor may prescribe a drug to help delay ejaculation or the local application of a cream to reduce sensitivity in the area (in this case, a condom should be used so that your partner is not affected).

Why choose us

Comprehensive multi-disciplinary medical team

Comprehensive multi-disciplinary medical team (andrologists, urologists, psychologists) specialising in male sexual health.

Comprehensive approach: we involve your partner

Comprehensive approach: we involve your partner as a key element of the solution because their participation improves the prognosis and treatment.

Unit specialised in male sexual health

Unit specialised in male sexual health, centralising all the medical care in the same clinic.


Jaume, aged 27, Barcelona

"I discovered I had this problem with my first girlfriend, at age 18. As it was the first time, I thought it was lack of practice and nervousness. But it also happened in a second relationship. I didn't dare to mention it to anyone or have sex with girls until I met my current partner, who suggested I go and see an andrologist. The doctor reassured me and explained that this was a very common problem. He referred me to a psychologist who recommended I practice some self-control exercises and use a special type of condoms with lower sensitivity. It worked very well. My partner got involved in the therapy and we saw it as a game. The experience has brought us closer and now I can control my ejaculation much better."

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