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Latest news

Dexeus Mujer opens new Assisted Reproduction Facilities

In September, the Assisted Reproduction Department of Dexeus Mujer relocated to new facilities on our own premises which boast the most cutting-edge technologies in the field.

Advanced paternal age may affect fertility

Age affects fertility in women, but what about men?

Dexeus Mujer - A new image. The same vocation

Times change, and we with them. That is why we have renewed our brand and from now on it will be Dexeus Mujer. A name that explains more directly our essence, and that elevates the symbol of women to a seal of quality that supports our more than 80 years of experience.

Female infertility: the six most common problems

Nowadays, most fertility problems are due to the late age at which women decide to have children. However, the problem can be due to a number of factors that are little-known or can go unnoticed. In this post, we explain the most common causes of female infertility and the treatment available in each case.

What do you know about polycystic ovaries?

There is generally some confusion about this matter. To start with, the name suggests the presence of multiple cysts in the ovary. However, they aren't cysts, but follicles, i.e., developing eggs. What's more, the term has become very popular because many young girls' ovaries "look polycystic" but function normally. The reason for this is that their ovaries haven't matured yet and the problem usually disappears with time.

Endometriosis and fertility: answers to the 10 most common questions

Endometriosis is a little known condition. However, it affects more than 200 million women worldwide and, besides affecting their quality of life, it can also compromise their fertility. Therefore, it's important to have it diagnosed as early as possible. If you suffer from constant pelvic pain or your periods are very painful, ask your gynaecologist for a check-up. And if you receive a positive diagnosis, don't panic, because the condition can be treated. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Spain, at the forefront of egg donation

Early menopause, loss of ovarian function due to chemotherapy, removal of the ovaries, or advanced age are just some of the reasons why a woman may be physically unable to become a mother. Now, however, egg donation has changed the situation. This technique allows eggs to be transferred from one woman to another (donor and recipient): the donor egg is inseminated and implanted in the uterus of the recipient.

Spain prepares a law for regulating surrogacy

Surrogacy, better known as "womb for rent", is a matter that the Spanish government intends to address during this parliamentary term. This was announced by Spanish Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, who stated that sooner or later the government will have to begin to regulate this new social reality.

Closer to our patients with Zoom Dexeus Woman

Women’s Health Dexeus launches a new online tool to be closer to you. We welcome Zoom Dexeus Woman, a newsletter that aims to catch up on the news from our centre, keep up to date with the latest developments we offer you and give information that may be interesting for you.
We hope that you will find our proposals attractive!

Save the date: November 5th - 6th, 2016 Fertility Show Olympia-London

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the Fertility Show 2016, Olympia-London.
Don’t lose the opportunity to meet Dr. Carlos Dosouto, specialist in reproductive medicine, in a seminar on Sunday, November, 6th from 12.30 to 13.15, "What to think about before going abroad for treatment".
After the seminar, Dr. Dosouto will attend the patient’s questions at our stand.
See you in London!

The Dexeus Foundation successfully completes a humanitarian mission in Africa

This summer, a team from Dexeus Women's Health conducted a humanitarian mission in Madagascar to provide urgent medical care to the rural population and solve health problems affecting women specifically, including uterine fibroids, genital prolapse, ovarian cysts and postpartum fistulae.

Birth of first baby with DNA from three parents

News of the birth of a baby with genetic material from three people has been making its way around the world. However, the technique that made it possible is still at the experimental stage and requires manipulating the genetic material of the embryo. If you want to know what is involved and whether it can be done in Spain, don't miss this interview with Dr. Montserrat Boada.

Mothers at 50, a growing reality

The number of women becoming mothers after the age of 45 in Spain has increased by 171% over the past ten years. Although not set down in law, private assisted reproduction clinics set the age limit for access to treatment at around age 50 because the risks for mother multiply after the age of 45. This topic has many defenders and detractors. Find out what the doctors and women who became mothers at this age think.

Women’s Health Dexeus to take part in the 32nd annual meeting of ESHRE in Helsinki

Women’s Health Dexeus will take part in the 32nd annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) that will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from July 3rd to July 6th.
This year, Women’s Health Dexeus will not only be present with oral communications and posters at the scientific program, but also with a stand at the exhibiting area from Sunday until Wednesday.

We launch the #OperacionMadagascar campaign

The Dexeus Women’s Health Foundation has started up a crowdfunding campaign to organise a humanitarian medical expedition that will travel to Madagascar this summer. Its objective is to perform more than 50 operations in two weeks to solve urgent health problems that affect women. We need all the support you can give us!

Scientists get a first look at a key stage of human embryo development | La Vanguardia

The decisive stage of human development that occurs after the embryo is implanted in the uterus has now been studied for the first time thanks to a technical advance developed by scientists in the UK and US.

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the 2nd Congress of the Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the 2nd Congress of the Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders that will be held in Palau de Congressos de Barcelona on May 12th, 13th and 14th.

Sperm made in China | La Vanguardia

In a research study which could pave the way for treating male infertility and is yet another example of China's emergence as a major scientific power. Chinese biologists have managed to create lab-grown sperm cells for the first time.

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the 17th World Congress Gynecological Endocrinology

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the 17th World Congress Gynecological Endocrinology that will be held in Florence from March 2-5, 2016 in Palazzo dei Congressi di Firenze.
Dr. Gomez, embryologist of our In-Vitro-Fertilization laboratory, will be available on the stand n.19 for any information you may need.

Spain confirms the first known case of a pregnant woman carrying Zika virus in Europe

The affected woman is between thirteen and fourteen weeks pregnant and recently travelled to Colombia.
She remains at home with the usual treatment prescribed by her gynaecologist.
The Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya has stressed that it is unlikely that she or her child will suffer any problems. The Department of Health has reiterated that this infection poses no risk to public health, as there is currently "no transmission of the virus".

42% of young women who undergo chemotherapy develop ovarian failure

42% of young women who have received chemo- or radiation therapy develop early ovarian failure before age 30, while 20% of cases of breast cancer are hereditary.

Human embryo research also allowed in Spain |

Human embryo research has also been permitted in Spain since 2003, although it requires a project approved by the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction, must be conducted by a qualified team and under supervision, and requires the consent of the parents.

Professor Dirk Timmerman, MD, PhD, FRCOG, visits Women’s Health Dexeus

Last Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January Professor Dirk Timmerman, MD, PhD, FRCOG, visited Women’s Health Dexeus. During the Department weekly Conference he made a speech about "IOTA studies and ultrasound methods to characterize ovarian tumors prior to surgery."

Kersti Lundin, chairwoman of the ESHRE, has opened the academic year of the 18th Master's Degree in Assisted Reproduction run by Women’s Health Dexeus and the UAB

This year, the Master's in Reproductive Biology and Human Assisted Reproduction Techniques is celebrating its 18th edition with new developments in its international vocation, but with the same goal that prompted its inception: to fill a gap in a training environment where there were no regulated courses providing basic and applied training on infertility and Human Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

Save the date: November 7th - 8th, 2015 Fertility Show Olympia-London

Women’s Health Dexeus will be at the Fertility Show 2015, Olympia-London
Meet us in the exhibitor zone!

Women’s Health Dexeus on english TV

Last Sunday 5th July at 7 pm a programme about Women’s Health Dexeus has been broadcasted on Sky, Freesat, Virgin,Freeview, BBC and BBC iPlayer, ITV iPlayer and BT TV.

New Post-Surgery Swimwear Collection, in collaboration with Women’s Secret

After the success of our last underwear collection, we are proud to present the Special Post-Surgery Swimwear, our new swimsuit and bikini collection designed in collaboration with Women’secret to meet the need of women who underwent a surgery for breast cancer.

Until what age can women use their own ovules?

A study conducted and presented by Dr. Marta Devesa, gynaecologist at Dexeus Women's Health, at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) shows that IVF cycles in women over 44 years using their own ovules have a success rate of only 1.3%.

Fertility Information Day Scotland, 7th-8th March 2015

Thank you for being with us in Glasgow. We're looking forward to meeting you again next year and helping you here at our Clinic.

Women's Health Dexeus and Women’s Secret present Special Post Surgery Bras, the first underwear collection created for women after breast cancer surgery

The bras belonging to this underwear line has been designed to be used with external prosthesis thanks to skilled oncology specialists and patients’ advices.
The collection was born with a precise purpose. Women do not have to give womanliness up and breast cancer does not have to stop women from being themselves.


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