Dexeus Mujer inaugurates a cutting-edge Gynaecology and Reproductive Unit in Manresa


The Clínica Sant Josep (CSJ), managed by the Althaia Foundation, and the Dexeus Mujer group have signed an agreement to implement a new healthcare model at this hospital located in central Catalonia, which offers highly specialised medical care in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility.

The implementation of the Dexeus Woman care model involves, among other new features: the incorporation of a specialised Gynaecological Diagnostic Imaging Service (DGI). In addition, the pathologies detected in these tests can be treated surgically at Clínica Sant Josep, avoiding travel outside the territory.

From this union, Clínica Sant Josep has also launched a new assisted reproduction service, with access to diagnostic tests and female, male and couple fertility studies. The project also aims to be attractive to healthcare professionals in the area. Clínica Sant Josep and the Dexeus Women’s Group will promote scientific production and research, and the university nature of both institutions will allow them to develop an ambitious programme of continuing education, as well as expanding job opportunities and professional projection for all healthcare groups in the region.