Prevention, an essential aspect of the postnatal period

Strong pelvic floor muscles are important after delivery, as they are responsible for supporting the weight of the abdominal organs. Pregnancy and childbirth weaken these muscles, leading to problems such as urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction.

Our physiotherapists will examine you for possible pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and design an individualised rehabilitation plan.

What it involves

Dexeus Mujer recommends a thorough pelvic floor assessment after delivery by specialised physiotherapists to determine the status of your pelvic muscles (very important in preventing problems of incontinence and sexual dysfunction).

After diagnosis, your physiotherapist will establish some treatment guidelines, either preventative to avoid problems in the future, or for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.

The physiotherapist and your gynaecologist will devise a personalised exercise plan based on your needs and teach you how to recognise and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Why choose us

Pelvic floor rehabilitation - Fully personalised service

Our experts will ensure that you receive a fully personalised service, tailoring any pelvic floor rehabilitation sessions to your specific needs.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation - Our team of physiotherapists specialises

Our team of physiotherapists specialises in pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation after childbirth.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation - Dedicated physiotherapy room - No need for you to travel

Our dedicated physiotherapy room is equipped to allow us to provide comprehensive and high-quality services on site, so that there is no need for you to travel to other facilities.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation - We will work around your schedule

We will work around your schedule, to help you organise your visits to the clinic.

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