What’s best for your pregnancy? Care and relaxation

Massage therapy helps relieve discomfort in the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy, such as the legs, arms and back. Treat yourself and make the most of your pregnancy.

What it involves

Each individual massage session and helps you:

  • Relieve muscle pain such as stiffness, tension and back pain.
  • Relax physically and emotionally.
  • Eliminate fatigue.
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage.

During your first appointment a member of the Physiotherapy team will talk to you to determine where in your body you may be experiencing discomfort, allowing us to design a personalised massage treatment plan.

This service is also available for pregnant women who are not being monitored in our clinic.

Why choose us

Massage therapy - Our team of physiotherapists specialises

Our team of physiotherapists specialises in looking after pregnant women.

Massage therapy - Dedicated physiotherapy room - No need for you to travel

Our dedicated physiotherapy room is equipped to allow us to provide comprehensive and high-quality services on site, so that there is no need for you to travel to other facilities.

Massage therapy - We will work around your schedule

We will work around your schedule, to help you organise your visits to the clinic.

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