Success rates are percentages that show the chances of getting a pregnancy offered by different assisted reproduction treatments. They can vary depending on each centre and on the technique, but, in general, high values indicate that the centre works efficiently and offers good results.

From 18th October 2021, most of the restrictions adopted in our centres for the containment of the COVID-19 virus will be removed. All capacity at the centres are open except for the Gynaecological Diagnostic Imaging (DGI) tests on floor -1 of the Dexeus Mujer Barcelona centre.

Want to be a mother and enjoy the experience of pregnancy? With egg donation, you can. Our pioneering assisted reproduction clinic guarantees great results with the most stringent donor screening programme in the country.

Hospital Universitari Dexeus has earned Joint Commission International’s gold seal, the world’s highest quality accreditation in the healthcare field, which ensures that all hospital services and processes are focused on safety and quality as part of an ongoing improvement process.