Everyone knows that playing sports is beneficial to health, but not that it reduces the risk of developing cancer, and that in people who have had this disease it protects against possible relapses and helps to better face the treatment.

Dexeus Mujer and IDIBELL are planning to launch a research project to study embryonic development in its early stages through the genetic edition of human embryos. The project will provide essential data to broaden the knowledge of this process, and could contribute to improving the current results of assisted reproduction techniques.

Want to be a mother and enjoy the experience of pregnancy? With egg donation, you can. Our pioneering assisted reproduction clinic guarantees great results with the most stringent donor screening programme in the country.

More and more women decide to delay their motherhood, because of their job, health or economic and emotional stability. If it is your case, at Dexeus Mujer, we offer you the possibility of preserving your fertility through a very simple process.

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