An opportunity to experience pregnancy

Want to be a mother and enjoy the experience of pregnancy? With egg donation, you can. Our pioneering assisted reproduction clinic guarantees great results with the most stringent donor screening programme in the country.

IVF with donated eggs is an assisted reproduction technique which allows the insemination of donor eggs with the sperm of the recipient's partner (or a donor) to obtain embryos which are then transferred to the uterus of the mother-to-be.

Before carrying out the treatment, it is essential to undergo a fertility test for diagnostic purposes and to determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

In our clinic, all donor eggs undergo thorough and stringent screening tests; preconception genetic testing, which allows to either detect or rule out up to 300 hereditary diseases, is also performed. The patient's partner also undergoes preconception genetic testing, as does the semen donor in cases where the use of a sperm bank is required.

Step by step

The process consists of the following steps:

Egg donation - Process
Egg donation - Process
Egg donation - Gynaecology visit

Our team will review your medical history and tell you what steps to take.

Egg donation - Egg donor recruitment and screening

All of the donors in our egg donation programme are guaranteed to undergo a stringent screening process.

Egg donation - Selection of the perfect egg donor for you

With the guarantee that the physical characteristics of the donor are similar to yours.

Egg donation - Donor ovarian stimulation treatment - Initiation of egg recipient medication

Hormone treatment to obtain the maximum possible number of eggs. Alternatively, eggs from egg banks may be used. The recipient takes tablets in order to prepare the endometrium.

Egg donation - Donor egg retrieval

The eggs are harvested by follicular puncture, performed transvaginally.

Egg donation - Semen sample processing

To ensure that the most motile sperm cells are selected.

Egg donation - Egg fertilisation and embryo culture

The eggs are inseminated in the lab, checked to see if they have been fertilised, and cultured for 2-5 days.

Egg donation - Embryo transfer

The embryos are deposited in the uterus by a very simple procedure which does not require anaesthesia.

Who it is for

IVF with donated eggs is recommended if:

  • You no longer have ovaries because they have been removed.
  • Your ovaries do not work well, whether:
    • for physiological reasons, such as menopause,
    • for genetic reasons,
    • due to early failure.
  • You are a carrier of a genetic disease, and there is no other way we can prevent its transmission.
  • You have not managed to become pregnant after various IVF attempts using your own eggs.
Egg Donation - Who it is for

Why choose us

Egg donation - We are pioneers in reproductive medicine

We are pioneers in reproductive medicine. We have more than 80 years’ experience behind us and a team of highly qualified and specialised professionals. The first Spanish test-tube baby was born in our clinic (1984) and Spain's first egg donation treatment was carried out here, which culminated in the birth of twins (1988).

Egg donation - Quality assurance

Quality assurance. Our egg donation program guarantees a rigorous selection of donors who undergo the most comprehensive health and genetic screening tests on the market in order to minimise the risk of transmission of possible genetic diseases.

Egg donation - High success rate

High success rate. 25% of our patients come from failed treatments at other centres. However, our success rates are around 60% at the first attempt and around 80% overall cumulatively.

Egg donation - Extensive experience, quality and cutting-edge technology

Extensive experience, quality and cutting-edge technology. We have one of the top in vitro fertilisation laboratories in Europe where we perform over 3,000 cycles (assisted reproduction techniques) each year. We offer the latest advances in assisted reproduction, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection and real-time monitoring of embryo development (dynamic monitoring).

Psychological support in case of emotional overload

We provide psychological support in case of emotional overload, an issue which frequently affects women who undergo assisted reproduction treatments.

Egg donation - Facilities and 24-hour emergency service

Facilities and 24-hour emergency service. All consultations and medical tests can be done at the clinic: insemination in consultation without hospitalisation or anaesthesia, oocyte retrieval, own IVF and andrology lab. We also offer a 24-hour medical emergency service.


Sandra and Marty, together at last

"After trying virtually every method imaginable to get pregnant, after many years of waiting and several miscarriages, Sandra eventually tried egg donation, an option she had never even considered at the start. The result was Marty, whom she describes as "her little miracle".

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