A study confirms the indication of conservative treatment in benign ovarian tumours

A study confirms the indication of conservative treatment in benign ovarian tumours

A team of researchers led by doctors Juan Luis Alcázar, Mª Angela Pascual and Stefano Guerriero from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University of Navarra (Pamplona), Dexeus Women's Health in Barcelona, and Duilio Casula University Hospital, University of Cagliari (Italy) respectively, conducted a study to monitor several solid ovarian tumours with benign characteristics diagnosed in postmenopausal women using transvaginal ultrasound. The study sample comprised 99 women aged 50-77 years (mean age 58.2 years), all of whom had benign solid ovarian tumours with no signs of suspected malignancy and were asymptomatic.

The lesions were monitored by ultrasound at 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. Of these, approximately 42% were removed after diagnosis and only two cases were diagnosed as early-stage cancer, meaning that the tumour was restricted to the ovary and had not spread. In the remaining 57% of cases, the lesions underwent no subsequent changes and the patients remained asymptomatic. Thus, of the 99 cases studied, only 2% progressed to malignant tumours.

In conclusion, the authors suggest that the risk of malignancy in cases of solid ovarian tumours in postmenopausal women is very low, so that conservative management by regular ultrasound monitoring may be an option. This article was recently published in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society.

Malignancy risk of sonographically benign appearing purely solid adnexal masses in asymptomatic postmenopausal women
Alcazar JL, Pascual MA, Marquez R, Ajossa S, Juez L, Graupera B, Piras A, Hereter L, Guerriero S.
Menopause. 2017 Jan 23. doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000000814.
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