The age of beginning of the menopause may influence the risk of developing dynapenia

The age of beginning of the menopause may influence the risk of developing dynapenia

The dynapenia is defined as the loss of strength and muscle mass associated with age. Despite not being a pathology, it is a disorder that has an impoverishing effect on quality of life. To better understand what factors may influence its development, a group of researchers of the Unity of Menopause of Dexeus Mujer, led by Dr. Pascual García Alfaro, has carried out a study that has been recently published in the journal Climateric.

In total, the researchers analysed 392 post-menopausal women under the age of 65 years, that had no physical disability and had a normal level of vitamin D. The average age of the group was 57.30 ± 3.69 years. In the study, were valued 4 variables: the average age they had menopause (50.46 ± 2.16 years), body mass index (24 ± 3.78), bone mineral density of the hip (-1,16 ± 1.18) and the lumbar area (0.98 ± 0.93), and the ability to grip or picking up (24.10 kg).

The results of the study revealed that 12% of the women had dynapenia and, apparently, there was a relationship between the gripping capacity and age, as well as between the onset of menopause at an early age (before age 50) and the risk of dynapenia.

Factors related to muscle strength in postmenopausal women aged younger than 65 years with normal vitamin D status

P. Garcia-Alfaro, S. Garcia, I. Rodriguez, F. Tresserra & F. R. Pérez-López
Climacteric. Jan 17 2019:1-5. doi: 10.1080/13697137.2018.1554645

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