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In Vitro Fertilisation

What it is

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technique which consists of harvesting the patient's eggs and fertilising them with her partner's sperm (or donor sperm) in the lab. This produces one or more embryos which are subsequently transferred to the maternal uterus for implantation and development. The treatment gives patients the option of using donor eggs and sperm banks if required.

Prior fertility testing is necessary for diagnostic purposes and to determine whether IVF is the right treatment.

If desired or medically indicated, preconception genetic testing is also an option which allows to either identify or rule out up to 200 hereditary diseases which may sometimes be silent and could be transmitted to the future offspring. Both the mother-to-be and her partner undergo the test, which is also performed in egg and semen donors in our clinic.

Once these tests have been carried out, the woman starts a hormonal ovarian stimulation treatment to produce eggs which are subsequently fertilised in the lab, and to prepare the uterus for implantation of the embryo.

Step by step

From the start of treatment until embryo transfer. the process takes about one month and consists of the following steps:

In Vitro Fertilisation - Process
In Vitro Fertilisation - Process
In Vitro Fertilisation - Visit with your gynaecologist

Our team will review your medical history and tell you what steps to take.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Ovarian stimulation treatment

Hormone treatment to induce your ovaries to produce the appropriate number of eggs.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Egg retrieval

The eggs are harvested by follicular puncture, performed transvaginally.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Semen sample processing

Preparation of the sperm sample collected from the male partner or donor: this is to ensure that the most motile sperm cells are selected.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Egg fertilisation and embryo culture

The eggs and processed semen sample are brought into contact in the lab.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Transfer of the embryo or embryos

After 2 to 5 days in culture, the embryos are transferred to the uterus using a simple vaginal procedure which does not require anaesthesia.

Time-lapse embryo monitoring

In our quest for constant technological improvement and in order to help you fulfil your desire to be a mother, our In Vitro Fertilization lab is equipped with the most innovative embryo incubation and monitoring technology: time-lapse embryo monitoring.

This revolutionary new incubation system maintains optimal conditions for the development of the embryos, and comprises a camera which allows to follow their development in real time from the moment of fertilisation to their transfer or freezing.

Sperm bank

If a sperm donor is required, the sperm sample is selected by the sperm bank taking into account the woman’s phenotypic characteristics. Candidates undergo stringent screening tests in order to avoid the possible transmission of diseases to the offspring. In addition to the semen study (seminogram), the tests include a genetic test (karyotype) and testing for infectious diseases (hepatitis, syphilis, HIV, etc.).

Who it is for

Is this the right treatment for us?

IVF is recommended for couples where:

  • The woman has blocked fallopian tubes.
  • The woman has cervical abnormalities.
  • The woman has abnormal ovulation.
  • The woman has endometriosis.
  • The man has a low sperm count or low sperm quality.
  • Couples with immunological incompatibility problems.
  • Couples with unexplained infertility.
  • Patients who have had no success with other assisted reproduction techniques.
  • Couples in whom one or both partners have undergone a permanent contraception procedure (tubal ligation and/or vasectomy).
  • Couples in whom the male partner has a risk of transmitting a disease to his offspring.
  • Single women who wish to have a child.
  • Women in a homosexual relationship who wish to have a child.
In Vitro Fertilisation - Who it is for

Request an appointment with one of our gynaecologists from the Reproductive Medicine Department and he will tell you which treatment is best suited to your case and needs.

Why choose us

In Vitro Fertilisation - We are pioneers in reproductive medicine

We are pioneers in reproductive medicine. We have more than 80 years’ experience behind us and a team of highly qualified and specialised professionals. The first Spanish test-tube baby was born in our clinic (1984) and Spain's first egg donation treatment was carried out here, which culminated in the birth of twins (1988).

In Vitro Fertilisation - Personalised service

Personalised service. We will guide you through the entire process, offering personalised treatments suited to your needs. You can also contact our medical team directly at any time.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Extensive experience, quality and cutting-edge technology

Extensive experience, quality and cutting-edge technology. We have one of the top in vitro fertilisation laboratories in Europe where we perform over 3,000 cycles (assisted reproduction techniques) each year. We offer the latest advances in assisted reproduction, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection and real-time monitoring of embryo development (dynamic monitoring).

In Vitro Fertilisation - High success rate

High success rate. 25% of our patients have a history of treatment failure in other clinics. However, our success rate is around 45-55% at the first attempt, with an overall cumulative rate of around 80%.

Psychological support in case of emotional overload

We provide psychological support in case of emotional overload, an issue which frequently affects women who undergo assisted reproduction treatments.

In Vitro Fertilisation - Facilities and 24-hour emergency service

Facilities and 24-hour emergency service. All consultations and medical tests can be done at the clinic: insemination in consultation without hospitalisation or anaesthesia, oocyte retrieval, own IVF and andrology lab. We also offer a 24-hour medical emergency service.


Elena, aged 44, Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

"My husband and I are both lawyers, and like many other couples, we let the years slip by, setting our wish to be parents aside for professional reasons until at the age of 39, I stopped and thought: "it's now or never". Unfortunately, we had no luck, and eventually had to resort to assisted reproduction. After several failed attempts, by which time I was 42, we nearly gave up, but someone recommended Dexeus Mujer who encouraged us to give it another try. After another two IVF cycles, after the third, I finally became pregnant... with twins! For the first three months, I couldn't believe it. Although it hasn't been easy, we would encourage every couple not to give up as long as there's still a chance."


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