Ovulation induction


This treatment is recommended in women with ovulation disorders. These types of disorders are closely related to menstrual disorders such as amenorrhoea (lack of menstrual periods).

The requirements necessary before proceeding with ovulation induction are:

  •     Full gynaecological examination
  •     Additional tests to rule out any related condition that may hinder or impede pregnancy.

The treatment usually used to induce ovulation is administered by either intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

The final results of the treatment are affected by factors such as the woman's age and possible existence of other causes affecting fertility. It is therefore often necessary to repeat the treatment cycle in order to attain a pregnancy.

In general, it is recommended to conduct between three and six treatment cycles. When a cycle proves unsuccessful it is important to review it and to make the necessary changes (altering the dose, stricter controls...). If a pregnancy is still not attained, the possibility of other abnormalities should be considered, as well as considering other assisted reproduction techniques. (ART).


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