Fertility Preservation

It’s your choice

Do you want to be mother but it’s not the right time? Think about the future. If you’re less then 38, you can now preserve your ability to conceive and go ahead with it later on. It’s your choice!

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What is that?

Along the last few years delaying maternity for social or personal reason is more and more frequent, and as woman age increases the quality and number of her oocytes decrease. That’s why many women decide to preserve their fertility in order to be mother when they will decide and with guarantees.

How does it work?
  • Oocytes cryopreservation: after a hormonal treatment made so that your ovaries will produce more oocytes, these will be picked-up and cryopreserved (a technique that allows preserving cells and tissues at a temperature between -80º and -196º).

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  • Ovarian tissue cryopreservation: it means obtaining ovarian tissue fragments by laparoscopy and cryopereserving them. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery technique that allows to go into the abdomen by very little incisions.

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  • Embryos cryopreservation: it consist in the oocytes pick-up, then fertilising them with partner/donor sperm and cryopreserving the embryos through vitrification.

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And then?

When you will be ready:

  • We will thaw the wanted number of oocytes.
  • We will fertilize the oocytes with your partner’s sperm or with a donor’s by In Vitro Fecundation technique.
  • We will transfer the fertilized embryos to your uterus.

Ask for an appointment with your gynaecologist to know which technique is the best option for you.

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Why Women’s Health Dexeus?

  • Our success rate in IVF treatments is among the highest in Europe.
  • The cryopreservation technique allows us keeping the same quality between frozen and fresh oocytes; it guarantees they will not deteriorate through years.
  • We are at the forefront in technology and we gather all the services you may need in one Centre.
  • The 25% of people that come to our Reproductive Medicine Department arrive after failed treatments performed in other centres. Nevertheless we keep our high success rates.
  • Our facilities allow us to offer you all the security you may need, apart from an integrated circuit that includes diagnosis, treatments, consultancies and surgeries.
  • You’ll be in the best hands and in a first level hospital environment with a 24/24h emergency service.
  • We are a national reference centre with more than 75 years experience and pioneer in prevention, diagnosis and reproduction treatment.

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Dexeus - Dexeus - Fertility Preservation
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First visit 110 € *
Oocytes Preservation 2.915 €
Request an appointment!

Dexeus - Accion
First visit 110 € *
Oocytes Preservation 2.915 €
Request an appointment!

* This first visit is for free for those women who perform their annual gynaecological review in our centre.


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