IVF with donated embryos

Embryo donation

When both partners have some infertility problem, embryo donation may be considered.

There is no embryo bank, so these couples are added to a waiting list and informed when embryos become available for donation.

The embryos are often obtained from couples in the In Vitro Fertilisation Programme who do not want the embryos to be transferred and grant their permission for the embryos to be donated. Generally these are couples from whom numerous embryos were retrieved during an IVF cycle but who, despite still having cryopreserved embryos, no longer wish to continue with assisted reproduction.

To proceed with the donation, embryo donors must comply with the same medical and legal requirements necessary for gamete donation and must also sign a consent form renouncing any future paternity action and accepting the non-profit nature of the act.

Like oocyte recipients, embryo recipients must undergo hormone replacement therapy to ensure that the endometrium is adequately prepared.

Once the examination is complete, the embryo transfer can be scheduled for the following month. For this, it is necessary to go to the clinic three or four days beforehand and wait until the hormone controls confirm the most suitable moment to conduct the transfer.

In order to join the donation programme, an initial consultation with one of the gynaecologists in our Department must be arranged. After a full examination, the steps to be taken shall be established.


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