This type of insemination has a 15% risk of miscarriage and 1% risk of extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy (implantation of the embryo outside the uterus).

With regard to the ovarian stimulation treatments that are used in some cases, there is no scientific evidence that they have long-term side effects on a woman’s health. Nevertheless, there are two important short-term risks: the most frequent of them is multiple pregnancy (15-20%); excess stimulation or ovarian hyperstimulation is less frequent (1%).

The controls made during the treatment cycle (ultrasonography, tests, etc.) help to reduce complications, but do not stop them from occurring.

Once pregnancy is achieved, the possible risks to the mother or fetus are the same as in any spontaneous pregnancy, with the exception of the complications derived from a possible multiple pregnancy, such as preterm delivery or low birth weight newborns.


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