We launch the #OperacionMadagascar campaign

We launch the #OperacionMadagascar campaign


We launch the #OperacionMadagascar campaign

The Dexeus Women’s Health Foundation has started up a crowdfunding campaign to organise a humanitarian medical expedition that will travel to Madagascar this summer. Its objective is to perform more than 50 operations in two weeks to solve urgent health problems that affect women and to tackle the following challenge: collect €30,000 in less than 3 months.

The proceeds will be put to covering the cost and transportation of the material necessary for the surgery (basically medicines, medical devices and fungible and disposable material such as gauzes, etc.). They will also be used to meet the costs involved in the actual surgery (power consumption, transportation of oxygen bottles, etc.) scheduled at the facilities of a local mission which lacks the funds to be able to cover these costs.

The team will also provide training to local doctors during their stay. The team is comprised of Dr. Pere N. Barri Soldevila, head of the expedition and responsible for gynaecological surgery, and the gynaecologists Alberto Rodríguez Melcón and Ana Fernández Sanguino, two gynaecology interns: Claudia Blancafort and Carlota Vilarrubí, two anaesthetists and a pathologist.

If you would like to help, do your bit and share this initiative on your social media with the following link: http://bit.ly/1PjQOmP and the hashtag #OperacionMadagascar.

We need all the support you can give us!


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