How are donors selected?

Genetic suitability, a key factor in donation


Genetic suitability, a key factor in donation

Egg donation continues to be a somewhat taboo subject that is rarely spoken about, despite the fact that it is perfectly legal and in ever-increasing demand.

In Spain it is prohibited by law for the recipient to know or choose the donor. The donor is selected by the medical team based on the donor’s characteristics, so that both parents have similar physical traits (height, eye, skin and hair colour).

Our centre has a very rigorous Egg Donation Programme, which ensures that all donors comply with legal requirements. In addition, unlike other centres, Dexeus Mujer takes into account the genetic compatibility of the donor and the recipient’s partner to minimise the risk of the baby suffering from one of the most common hereditary diseases in the population, which can occur if both parents are healthy carriers of the same disease. Our specifically-developed test is known as qCarrier, and is taken by all our egg and sperm donors.


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