Fertility study, together or on your own?

Fertility study with your partner: Is it better?


Fertility study with your partner: Is it better?

Unless you know beforehand that one of you doesn’t have a problem, it’s advisable to have the study done together, as 30% of infertility cases are due to issues affecting both partners. In fact, in only 30% of cases, infertility is due to female factors alone. The other 30% is due to a male factor and, in the remaining 10%, the cause of the problem cannot easily be determined.

What’s more, doing it together speeds up the process. At our centre, there is a Men’s Health Unit working in coordination with the Reproductive Medicine Unit, which allows us to detect all kinds of sexual health and male fertility issues.

Another advantage of doing the study together is that genetic incompatibility problems can be detected, such as the fact that both of you could transmit a hereditary disease to your offspring without knowing it, something that can only be known if there is a family history or you undergo a specific study beforehand.

Where diagnostic tests are concerned, there is no additional cost for doing these together because both patients would have to undergo the same tests separately anyway.


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